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Track: I'm A Believer
Artist: Smash Mouth
Album: Shrek Soundtrack
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June 4th with 173 notes
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Track: Every Heart [4th Ending Theme]
Artist: Inuyasha
Album: Inuyasha Season 4
Plays: 559
June 4th with 167 notes
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Lacuna Coil - Losing My Religion (REM Cover)

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Track: Just Give Me A Reason
Artist: Pink ft. Nate Ruess
Album: The Truth About Love
Plays: 28481
April 12th with 740 notes
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Track: It's Love, Isn't It?
Artist: Howl's Moving Castle
Album: Howl's Moving Castle Original Soundtrack
Plays: 486663
April 12th with 86,117 notes
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Track: It's Time to Run Juliet
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Album: Radioactive State of Mind
Plays: 1761711
April 9th with 264,694 notes
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Track: Ships in the Night
Artist: Mat Kearney
Album: Young Love
Plays: 539
January 2nd with 28 notes
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Artist: The Killers
Album: Battle Born
Plays: 2677
December 12th with 187 notes
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Track: First Love
Artist: Utada Hikaru
Album: First Love
Plays: 32969
November 26th with 263 notes
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Track: Video Killed The Radio Star
Artist: Buggles
Album: The Age Of Plastic
Plays: 2749
November 8th with 420 notes
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November 5th with 1,755 notes
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Track: It's Time
Artist: Kayla Camacho
Album: Kayla Camacho's Album
Plays: 2735631
October 30th with 506,527 notes